AIDS Service Organizations

KC Care Health Center

The KC Care Health Center exists to promote health and wellness by providing quality health care services, at no charge, to people without access to basic care. Today the clinic provides basic health care services in general medicine, HIV prevention and primary care, behavioral health, and dentistry.


SAVE, Inc. provides comprehensive housing solutions to empower socially and medically disadvantaged people to improve
their health and lead stable lives with personal dignity.

Thrive Health Connection

Since 1984, Thrive Health Connection (formerly Good Samaritan Project) has provided exceptional care in the community to those affected by HIV/AIDS with the goal to educate, empower and enrich lives. A regional healthcare leader and influencer, Thrive Health offers holistic and integrated health and wellness services to individuals affected by HIV and other STls, LGBTQ communities, and those seeking a welcoming and affirming health community.

Hope Care Center

Hope Care Center is a non-profit skilled, long-term-care nursing facility for persons challenged by HIV/AIDS. Our small size enables us to create an environment that is more like “home” than an institution.

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