Who’s Who

AIDS Service Foundation Board of Directors


Eric Thomas, Board President

Angela Dorrell, VP of Development

Ryan Gove, VP of Education & Outreach

Jeremy Ubben, Treasurer

Anthony Edwards, Secretary

Christopher Beal, Immediate-Past Board President

Board Members/Representatives

Chadwick Brooks

Jeff Cannon

Kathleen Cooper

Roy Cordy

Kristopher Dabner

Sandy Geduldig

Lewis Gowin

Ryan Holmes

Ann Hron

Tom Nagel

Chuck Romero

Mark Sawkin

Lucas Schubert

Bill Walberg

Ricky Walker

AIDS Service Organization Directors

Wil Franklin, KC Care Health Center

Caroline Huffman, Thrive Health Connection

Blaine Proctor, SAVE Inc.

Gary Yeakle, Hope Care Center

Past Presidents

Christopher Beal

Missy Koonce

John Pinkerton

Mike Enos

S. Sloane Simmons

Dale Smith

Stephen Metzler

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